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2205 Derby Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338  

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We are a fifth-generation family farm located in the Sandhills of North Carolina in a small community called Derby. Derby was named for Roger Derby who was one of the pioneer peach growers in North Carolina. Derby is called "the middle on nowhere" by many people, but we call it "the garden spot of the world". Our mission is to keep the family farm alive and to share its products with others.

The farm is currently owned and operated by brothers Jim and Joe Lambeth.  Jim and Joe both graduated from NC State University in 1974. After graudation Joe immediately returned to the farm to help his father, Mike, run the family business. The next year Jim also returned to the farm after spending a year working in the foresty industry. 

Today Jim and Joe are assisted on the farm by Jim's middle child, Jed, full time and by his eldest child, Jamie, part time. Jim's daughter, Meghann, occasionally helps out on the farm as well. Jim's wife, Marcia, can also been seen many days helping out around the produce stand. Joe's daughter, Emma, helps out at the produce stand from time to time as well.  She also maintains the farm's website.